Summer Lunchbox Program


Location & Hours

Location:  St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, 230 N. Evergreen Ave., Woodbury, NJ      

Hours: Tuesday & Thursday 9am-11:00am, during school summer dismissal


The Summer Lunch Box Program distributes nearly 10,000 box lunches (20,000 meals) to school-age youth during the summer when free or reduced-cost school lunches are not available. School supplies, including backpacks, are given to each child. Books are offered weekly to each child. Nearly 300 children are enrolled.  Thank you to our volunteers and for your generous donations.



1. Children must live with parent or guardian in Woodbury, Woodbury Heights, Deptford, West Deptford, National Park, Westville or Wenonah, New Jersey      

2. Proof of qualification: A letter from the the school with the child's name and address which states that the child was receiving free or reduced lunches during school year.