Food Pantry Locations and Hours


Seventh-Day Adventist Church

The main GWCM Food Pantry is located at: 

330 E. Barber & Evergreen Avenues, Woodbury, NJ 08096

The pantry is open Tuesday and Thursday 9:30am – 11:00am


Colonial Manor United Methodist Church

A second pantry is located at: 

Colonial Manor Methodist Church,
56 Elberne Avenue & Tatum St Colonial Manor, NJ 08096

The pantry is open Saturdays Only 9:30am – 11:00am


What's Provided

Clients may attend & register at either location, but not both. Clients are provided with non-perishable foods collected at the various churches and meats and fresh fruits and vegetables purchased using financial donations.

Food Pantry Requirements


What to Expect at the Pantry Interview

1. You will be asked to show proof of residency at each visit. You may use a recent utility bill, a check stub from Social Services, or a currently dated lease.

2. Our clients living in Woodbury, Woodbury Heights ,Deptford, West Deptford, National Park, Wenonah, or Westville will receive a full assortment of groceries. Those from other NJ towns will receive a one-time emergency allotment of food.

3. An information form will be filled-out at each visit, including current information about income, number of people in household. 

4. There is a maximum allowable gross income guide based on the number of family members (these limits will be available during interview).

5. For children in your household, providing school lunch letters from the school will enable clients to receive summer lunch boxes and holiday gifts.

6. Families must wait 30 days before they can return to the food pantry.

Working for Those in Need

 In 2018, 3,165 families were served at our food pantries. Our clients included 2,015 children, 4,054 adults and 1,198 seniors. At Thanksgiving, our client families were provided a turkey and all the fixin's for a holiday meal. At Christmas, an age and gender appropriate gift was provided to each man, women & child member of our client families. 

Thank you for your generous support that made this possible.